Thomas Easley is a self-taught artist whose travels and quest for knowledge has added variety, depth and dimension to his art.

Easley's career spans four decades and three continents, from the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains of his childhood to the verdant hills of England, the canals of Venice and the banks of the holy Ganges

Living in Europe gave Easley an opportunity to study the Old Masters up close. He refined his skills as a classical realist, specializing in miniature paintings, portraits, manuscript illuminations and heraldry. In 1982 he became the first American elected to a full membership of the Royal Miniature Society.

In Italy, while studying Canaletto and Guardi, Easley expanded his use of glazed oil techniques to paint large-scale architectural landscapes, floral still life and nudes. He also created a distinctive blend of pencil, chalk and watercolor applications that transformed simple pencil sketches into multi-layered works of art.

Subsequent travels to India, a country rich in beauty and mysticism, led him to explore dimensional realism, surrealism and allegorical works.

Easley returned to the United States in the early aughts and began experimenting with a mixture of styles and mediums.

The years of study and experience have given Easley the confidence to meld traditional styles with new and the real with the abstract to create a blend that is uniquely his own. Rather than a signature image, Easley is recognized today by his signature style, one that mixes layers of sculpted paint with fine brush strokes to create vibrant images that affirm the beauty and complexity of life.

Easley art collectors are spread across Asia, Europe and North America. He lives in New York's Hudson Valley with his wife and two sons.