• Charles and Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales
  • Nancy and Thomas Hoving, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Patricia Gucci
  • Arrigo Cipriani, Harry's Bar, Venice
  • Samir and Meera Jain, Times of India
  • Irvin Kershner, film director
  • Christopher de Hamel, author and Sotheby manuscript expert
  • Stanley and Lisa Weiss, founder, Business Executives for National Security
  • Alan Ayckbourne, English playwright
  • Erica Jong, author and poet
  • Villeroy & Bosch
  • Laurie and Gillian Marsh
  • Dr. Karan Singh, Maharaja of Kashmir
  • Scott Erikson, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Jamie Moyer, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • B.K. Modi, Spice Global
  • Ceci and James Earl Jones
  • Maneka Gandhi
  • Laurie Walters, actress
  • Peter Foy, managing director, McKinsey, U.K.
  • Emily Bolton, actress
  • Holland and Carolyn Powell

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